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I’m not a designer, I’m an artisan, but Enzo Mari, the maestro, once said to me: “artisans are their own designers”.

I travelled around the world my entire life and I learnt many languages. Because of that I ended up being the Export Manager of the number one design company in the world: Cassina. I worked and learnt from them for 5 years and in 1999 I bought the Alias company becoming an entrepreneur. In 2002 I sold the Alias company and in 2003 I met the person who changed my life completely: Gaetano Pesce.

Working with him opened my eyes and my mind to the art and craft world. Watching him playing with his material (resin), made me wish to be part of that world.

I discovered the secrets and the tools to work the resin, I challenged myself experimenting, I made many mistakes but I am still here trying to create beautiful objects, never seen before, working with international designers and professionals (Alessandro Mendini, 2007 | Fr.lli Campana, 2009 | Enzo Mari, 2011 | Paola Navone, 2019) who share the same vision and passion.

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