Care Guides

Our products are hand-made. They are made of inedible polyurethane resin and they are environmentally friendly.

The chairs are covered entirely with bandages in soft resin. On the seat and the back an extra layer of hard resin protects the soft resin underneath.

The soft resin tent to loose its shine with time. In order to maintain it we recommend to clean the items by using a wet cloth with mild soap or detergent, better if the water is diluted, with an alcoholic content not exceeding 5%.

Direct sunlight may change the look and the colour of the item's pigments. Avoid the proximity to heat sources of more than 40°C/40°F.

Not suitable for dishwashers.

Accidental deformations or compression of the objects may alter their original shape permanently. It is advisable the use of the provided felts on the base of the pieces in order to avoid any problem due to the direct contact of the resin with different surfaces.

The pieces made in hard resin, such as clocks, mirrors, trays etc, can break or get damaged as a result of violent shocks.