Paola Navone - ONE-OFF by Paola Navone / ONE-MORE by Paola Navone


Only the fine, the human, the fundamental, the ordinary made extraordinary, the individual, the treasured, the everyday, the passionate simple things.
Paola Navone in collaboration with Corsi Design’s artisans presents a series of unique pieces in resin.
Forgotten chairs, often ignored or hidden in remote places around the world, are rediscovered after being gently wrapped with resin bandages by expert hands. Each chair is one-off, special and unique.
A range of colourful vases in soft resin, resemble luxurious drapes in special fabrics with amazing patterns.
Experimenting with the colours and the reflections of the Primavera ceramics from the south of France combined with the resin wonders, a series of faceted vessels and bowls comes to life with unexpected textures and reflections. Each shape is different and distinctive.
The artisans’ exceptional craftsmanship makes this creative enchantment possible.

Straightforward, eclectic and a dreamer: her mind and soul are a combination of the flavours and the colours of the South of the world - known, loved and lived – together with the taste and the shapes of the West, rich in traditions, open and in continuous movement.
This is the result of her restless curiosity in the research for present, past and future materials, shapes and structures.
Paola Navone is an architect, a product designer, an interior decorator and an art director.
She is a curator of exhibitions and events all around the world.
In 1983, she won the prestigious Osaka International Design Award.
She is Designer of the Year in 2000 for the magazine Architektur&Wohnen.
In 2011 wins the Elle Deco International Design Awards for two projects.
In 2014 she is inducted in the Interior Design Magazine’s prestigious Hall of Fame.
In 2018 she wins the Elle Deco International Design Awards for the category outdoor furniture.
She has worked and still cooperates with the most important companies of the international and Italian design world.

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